Portal Messaging

Starting October 1st, 2023 some non-urgent Patient Portal messages submitted by patients may be billed to insurance. If the message takes more than 5 minutes and requires clinical judgement, the message may be billed to insurance.

Clinical Judgement is usually involved in the following:

– A new issue or symptom requiring medical assessment or referral
– Adjusting medications
– Chronic disease check-in and management
– Flare-up or change in chronic condition

Most insurances consider this service a covered benefit, but there is a chance the charge will hit a patient’s deductible or copay, please contact the insurance plan for plan specific information.

Furthermore, be advised not every condition can be evaluated via a Patient Portal message. If we ask for an appointment, please make an appointment. We want to ensure our patients receive the care they need and sometimes that means we need to have a thorough discussion or see the issue in person.

Finally please note refills on prescription medications should be submitted to the pharmacy who will contact us electronically. This ensures all refills have been used and expedites the handling of refills.